Polka Dot Party

Polka dots are a fantastic theme for kids of all ages and are always in style! Make sure to keep with the dot theme by having everything circles, dots or round - from the decorations to food. Pick one, two or as many colours as you wish - the more the merrier!  Colourful polka dots are so much fun they will easily make any party a success. Using dots as inspiration is inexpensive and easy to do. This party plan details some incredibly cool ideas to get you going. If you have a birthday party coming up, this theme is definitely one to consider.

Polka Dot Party Invitations:  Cut large polka dots out of construction/poster paper or use polka dot printed paper in your party colours. Type or write with coloured gel pens the party information on them. Use a fun picture of your child and some polka dot stickers or hole punch cut outs to decorate the invites and envelopes. Use the wording to the effect of  'Look Who's turning ___, come join us for some polka dot fun!'  Don't forget to invite everyone to dress in polka dots - even offer a prize to the guest wearing the most polka dots!

Decorations:  Polka dot patterns are definitely in order for this celebration. Polka Dots everywhere! A quick and easy way to fill your party area with polka dots is to cover the walls with colourful dots. One way to do this is to tape round paper plates or construction paper cut outs in different sizes and colors to the walls. Using double-sided poster tape or painter's tape will allow you to decorate for the party and avoid doing any lasting harm to your walls. Don't forget the outside home too! Cover your pathway and entrance door with polka dots so the party goers know where to go! Write the letters of “Happy Birthday” and "Welcome" on some of the larger dots.
String the messages together with yarn or rope as a birthday greeting and a welcome message to your guests. Don't forget to fill the party room with balloons, tons of balloons! Have floating latex balloons or hang balloons from the ceiling using clear fishing line, so the dots can dangle down into the party space. For a 3D look, cut polystyrene balls in half and paint them. Hang them on the walls and hang them whole from the ceiling. Cover your party table with a polka dot table cover and matching tableware like plates, napkins, cups and so forth. Fill beautiful glass or clear plastic containers with Smarties, Gum Balls, Skittles, Lifesavers or any round candy for that matter and use as table centerpieces. It will look beautiful and colourful, plus you can use them afterwards as party prizes!

Party Activities:  Start the party by holding a guessing game. Fill a clear jar (decorative centerpieces) with candy-coated chocolate candies. As the guests arrive, have them guess how many are in the jar.  At the end of the party the kid who guesses the closest to the amount, gets to take the jar full of candy home. Hide dots that you have cut out in different colors. Upon entering the party, give each kid a dot name tag with a different color. Later on, during the party, have the kids find the dots in the party room or outside in the yard that match their name tag color. Tell them how many there are to find. Once they have found all of their dots, give them a prize - their loot bag or party favor! Play Musical Dots, similar to Musical Chairs. Use round cut outs of cardboard brightly painted and securely taped to the floor instead of chairs. Younger children love bubbles! You can have a good old bubble chase or have the kids make their own coloured bubbles with dish soap and food colouring. Any game involving balloons like "Keep up the Balloon" or "Balloon Pop" are always a hit!

Crafts:  If you have an older group try an old fashioned game of Twister, Bingo, Checkers or any game for that matter that has a "round or circle" theme. Crafts are always popular as well. Have the
kids make their own bracelets. Buy a selection of round, doughnut shaped beads from a craft store. Give the kids lengths of thin elastic cording a little bigger than their wrists. Tie a bead to the end of the elastic to make beading easier. The kids can then string as many beads as they wish. The guests could also decorate picture frames with round circle stickers, beads, sequins or pompom's. You can always look for Craft Kits that have everything you need in one pack. Its normally less expensive and easier than shopping around for your craft supplies.

Menu:  Serve small, round food to your guests to keep with the dot theme. Sandwiches cut out as circles with a cookie cutter. Strawberry Jam and Marshmallow Fluff are always a hit! ~ A fruit salad using melon balls and globe grapes ~ Bowls of Cheese Balls ~ Tostitos Rounds with Salsa and nacho cheese dip ~ Mini Pizzas with pepperoni ~A Meat/Cheeses Platter with Ritz Crackers and round meats and cheese cut with a cookie cutter ~ Mini Chocolate Chip Pancakes ~ Mini Hamburgers or Sliders ~

Cakes:  A Polka Dot Cake is easy to make. Bake your favorite two layer cake.  Ice cake with white fluffy frosting. Add polka dots by applying piped icing polka dots, fondant circles or any round candy like Smarties or SkittlesIf you prefer the ease of serving individual cupcakes, try making some Polka Dot cupcakes. Ice your favorite cupcake with pastel coloured icing. A little food colouring will do the trick when added to a plain white icing. Stick white baking chips, flat side up, into frosting on each cupcake to look like polka dots. You could also sprinkle on some pastel candy confetti available at any local grocery store.

Party Favors: Party pictures with frames and the craft bracelets will make excellent favors. If you want to do more, there are many fun party trinkets that will complement the polka dot theme. Fill your loot bag with polka dot socks, yo-yos, Dots candy, Smarties candy, gumballs, super bounce balls, round pots of lip gloss, paint sets, bath beads, life savers, round hair accessories, bubbles, round memo pads, round erasers, etc. Search the aisles at your local Dollar Store - you will be amazed at what you will find!

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