WWE Birthday Party Ideas

Are you ready to RUMBLE?  Throw a WWE smack down at your next big event!  Get ready to throw your child an awesome wrestling party theme birthday bash with these fun party games and ideas.

Invitations: Purchase the matching WWE theme invitations from online stores like mine or you can make your own invitations - ticket style. Simply visit http://www.says-it.com and choose the template for "concert tickets."  Its totally free and super easy! Fill out what you want the ticket or pass to say, download, save and then print out as many copies as you need. Simple! I created a pretend invite on the bottom of the page so you can see what they look like. There are several shapes, colours and designs to choose from.  All you need is a printer and some coloured ink. To go a step further, you could laminate them, hole punch in the middle of the shorter side and attach a lanyard. Now that's a cool 'wearable' invitation!

Dress: Invite all guests to come dressed as their favorite WWE personas, or wouldn't it be fun if they were to invent their own. When guests arrive give them their wresting names by having them randomly pull a name out of a hat. Have the Birthday Boy make up a bunch of crazy wrestler names beforehand.  Then let them go! Use face paint, bandannas they can make into do rags, sweat bands, wigs, hats, glasses .... anything that they could use to make themselves look like a wrestler and develop their new persona. Set up a table with construction paper, foam paper, rhinestones, jewels, glue, markers, foam letters and glitter for the party guests to use to make their own wrestling belts featuring their names. After the guests finish their belts, divide them into teams of three or four. Give the groups 10 minutes to practice a short WWE event of their own, of course with no real contact. Let the guests perform their wrestling acts for party guests. A great picture and video opportunity!

Decorations:  Turn the main room of the party into a wrestling ring. Set up cords or ropes to circle the room much like a wrestling ring. Use some pieces of mesh fencing, cloth or netting to transform the room by giving it a cage atmosphere. Purchase some black table covers from your local dollar store and spray paint with WWE logos and graffiti. Use them to cover walls, furniture and as table covers of course! For seating, provide only metal folding chairs, which are typical props of the WWE, often incorporated into matches. Decorate with colours of  black, white and red - balloons, streamers, decorations and tableware. Incorporate some of the licensed WWE partyware now readily available in stores and online. Hang large posters and magazine pictures of your child's favorite wrestlers on the walls.  Use large toy wrestling characters to hold down bouquets of balloons to create table centerpieces. Place any toy wrestling characters you have around in the party area for decoration, or even hang them upside down from the ceiling!

Indoor Activities: If your party is indoors or space is an issue, have a video game party! Host your very own Wrestlemania! Borrow extra controllers so more guests can play together at the same time. Make a chart to keep track of the winners - perhaps use round robin or simple elimination style. This will make sure that everyone gets to play but in the end only one wrestler will be left standing. He definitely deserves a Wrestling Championship Belt! A really unique and crazy one, homemade of course using Styrofoam, glitter, faux fur, buttons and feathers. Pretty much use any craft item you can find! Another great indoors party idea is to invite your child's friends over to watch a pay-per-view WWE televised event. You can even make it a sleepover!

Outdoor Activities:  Set up a trampoline with a net and decorate it like a wresting cage to have mock wrestling matches. Make sure a parent is there to referee!  Another fun backyard activity for the kids is to rent a bounce house and let the children practice their wrestling leaps, flips and dives - I have seen bounce houses that come in a wrestling theme. You could also rent those inflatable Sumo wrestling suits and have a mock Sumo wrestling competition! Do not forget to play some classic Heavy Metal in the background - as loud as you can!

Menu: Arena Food - Chicken Fingers and Fries served out of large plastic stadium cups. Hot dogs served in tin foil. Popcorn and Nachos served in individual brown lunch bags and plenty of sodas.  These party favorites are perfect when your attempting to recreate the mood of a wrestling event. If you plan on designing the birthday cake on your own, simply use a wrestling ring cake topper. You could also purchase some of your child's favourite wrestling figures and use those as a toppers. To finish off your creation, print out several of the WWE logos and laminate them. You can place them on your cake, around the figurines and candles. Heck, you can even make 1 large decal to cover the whole top of the cake!

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