Disney Fairies Party Ideas

A Tinkerbell themed Birthday is the perfect idea for your little girl's next Birthday Party. You won't need magic fairy dust to host a magical fairy birthday party with these Tinkerbell birthday party ideas, party games, crafts and fun party activities.
Guest Arrival: As each guest arrives, Tinker Bell should wave her magic wand and lead them to her makeover table for a magical Pixie Makeover. Enlist a teenager or another Mom (or two)to play Tinkerbell and turn each guest into a little Pixie. Each guest can receive a dab of glitter blush, eye shadow and lip gloss to brighten her face. Polish each guest nails with a clear glitter/sparkle polish for a quick and error free manicure. The special moment is when you present each girl with her very own flower headband wreath. These can be made quite easily beforehand by using craft wire, green craft tape and fabric flowers. Twist your choice of greenery around the wire - ivy is a perfect choice. Leave about 3 inches of wire exposed at either end to make a hook and eye to connect the ends of the head wreath. Bend wire into a circular shape and twist together 2 ends. Secure the ivy to the wire with florist tape. Using green craft tape or hot glue, attach the flowers of choice all around the circle. Be sure to leave no gaps, showing the wire. At the back of the wreath, attach a long cascade of curling ribbon in iridescent pastel colours.
Decorations: Create your very own Pixie Hollow. Choose soft colors like pale green, pink, lavender and white for the decorations. Hang colored streamers and balloons from tree branches in the yard. They will float in the breeze and add to the magical fairy atmosphere. If indoors, form a canopy over the party table using pink and lavender streamers. The streamers should cascade from a bow in the middle (attached to the chandelier or the ceiling) out to the sides of the room. Fill the party area with huge tissue paper flowers. Adorn the walls with beautiful pastel coloured butterflies made out of construction paper and decorated with glitter glue. Arrange groups of flowers and greenery on tables, floors, hanging from the ceiling with fishing wire, or tied to chairs. Cut large leaf shapes out of green poster paper and use as placements. Make each table setting special with Fairy Goblets. Purchase plastic wine or champagne glasses from your local dollar store and decorate them by applying a thin coat of glue stick on the outside only and sprinkling the still wet glue with glitter or sparkles. Then simply hot glue some fabric flowers around the stem. Turn on a bubble making machine to add to the magical fairy atmosphere. Combine clear mini lights with tulle netting and drape around the party space. Another option for creating a canopy is to hang yards of tulle netting from the ceiling. This can be done above the food table, or in another location such as a tree branch, to create a play area for your little fairies. Attach some butterflies and flowers from the craft store, and drape the netting outwards into a circular shape. Layer the end of the netting over chairs spread in a circle (if creating a play area), or the chairs around the food table. Spread fabric petals and glitter along the center of the main table. Make cardboard stars, cover in aluminum foil, and hang them from the ceiling.
Games: The Magic Ring - Sit all the guests in a circle. With a ball of string or yarn, string one piece around the entire circle so they are all holding onto the yarn with both hands. Slide a ring onto the yarn and tie the yarn in a knot. Explain to the girls that fairies love playing games and are quite the tricksters! Someone has hidden Tink's magical ring! Start with the birthday girl and have her stand in the middle and be Tink. Tink closes her eyes for 10 seconds while music plays or while guests jingle bells. While Tink's eyes are closed the girls slide the ring around the yarn from person to person holding the ring hidden clenched in their hands. Tink opens her eyes and tries to guess which fairy has her ring. After three wrong guesses, she has to close her eyes again; if she gets it right, the ring thief gets to be in the middle to play Tink.
Crafts: Make your very own Fairy Wand with wooden steak skewers or wood dowels for the handle. Prepare star shapes out of any thick paper or craft foam. Pink, purple or chartreuse colours are perfect! Using wood glue or hot glue, have the kids glue on a star to the tip of the wooden skewer, and then glue another one, to the back of the first star, so that the wooden skewer isn't seen. Once the glue is dry, having the kids decorate it by covering the star with a thin layer of glue and sprinkle different color fairy dust (glitter) over their wands to make them truly magical. The last step is to tie several pieces of sparkly ribbon to the wood dowel right under the star.
Enchanted Edibles: Open faced sandwiches cut into shape with a butterfly cookie cutter. The butterfly shape looks exactly like fairy wings! Once shape is cut from bread, spread a thin layer of cream cheese topped with a layer of strawberry jam. Sprinkle with iridescent edible sparkles or sugar crystals. Offer a selection of jams - peach is also very yummy! A healthy option is to have an assortment of vegetables around a veggie dip served in a hollowed out purple cabbage. You can do the same with fresh fruit - serve dip out of a hollowed out melon. Pixie Punch - Before the party, freeze red juice in ice cube trays. Tropical fruit punch works well. On party day serve lemon-lime soda with the red cubes topped with frozen blueberries. Serve out of fancy goblets or tea cups. Make fairy wand cookies! Simply prepare star shaped sugar cookies and slide a wooden popsicle stick under each cookie before baking. Bake as usual, and frost as desired. Wooden craft sticks are sold at most craft stores. Try your own favorite recipe or ready-made cookie dough from the grocery store. These work great prepared beforehand and covered in cellophane for a take-home favor. The options for the cake are endless! You can purchase a cake topper or candle or use a Tinkerbell or Disney fairy doll and perch her on top. Sit her on a bed of silk flowers or petals. Visit your local craft section and purchase some fabric butterflies and ivy for around the cakes bottom edge around platter. Choose your child's favourite cake flavour and favourite colour for the icing. Whether its round, rectangle, heart shaped, butterfly shaped or even cupcakes - if it tastes good it will be a big hit! Just don't forget the ice cream!

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