The Backyardigans is an animated musical-adventure series for children ages 2 to 5. In each episode, the show's five high-spirited preschool friends--Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin--rely on their vivid imaginations to transform their backyard into a fantastical 3-D landscape, and together they embark on amazing epic journeys. The Backyardigans are loved by both children and parent's alike making this the perfect party theme for both boys and girls. Whether you incorporate a pirate theme with a treasure hunt and a 'walking the plank' game or have a beach party making sandcastles and holding a limbo contest, the possibilities are endless. Be sure to use your child's favourite episode as a guide.
Decorations: If weather permits, host your birthday party outdoors, in the backyard of course. Your backyard will provide the perfect backdrop for a Backyardigans Birthday Party. Swings, Sandboxes, Play Houses, Picnic Tables, Kiddie Pools and play centers are the perfect addition. If the party is not during the warm seasonal months that O.K too. You will just have to bring the Backyard Indoors! Create an open indoor space where children will have plenty of room to roam. Cover 1 or 2 walls with butcher paper or rolled paper. Outline with paint a few trees, some grass, a sun and maybe some friendly bugs and butterflies before the party. Provide crayons to the kids and let them go! Ask them to draw their favourite character, colour in the objects or draw anything else they wish. Gather 2 or 3 large appliance boxes and cut a few holes to fashion doors and windows. Then allow the kids to colour and decorate their Backyardigans play house.
Craft Center: Have a craft table set-up. Have available supplies like Backyardigans colouring sheets, construction paper, stickers, scissors (kid friendly), glue sticks, Popsicle sticks, Pom Poms etc. so the kids can use their imaginations and create their very own backyard adventure. Bubble Bottles and Playdough are also a great addition.
Activities: 'Let’s Try This' is a rendition of Simon Says. Turn on some playful music like one of the Backyardigans CD's. Once the dancing begins, invite kids to take turns calling, “Let’s try this!” while showing a special stretch or dance move. Everyone is to follow. When it feels like a good time to switch players, ring a bell or make some other special sign. 'Silly Uniqua' is a game where the object is to make another player laugh. Uniqua loves to be silly and make others laugh, so in this game, kids try get each other laughing by making a funny face or movement. With everyone in a circle, the birthday child kneels in front of someone, and tries to make him or her laugh with a funny face or movement. If “Uniqua” needs help, the others can join in and try to make the child laugh too. (No tickling!) After laughing, child becomes the next Uniqua and selects someone else to kneel in front of.
Party Games: Chances are the age group for this party will be quite young so it would be best to keep the games very simple. Try traditional games like "Hot Potato" - Change it to Hot Tyrone or any character that is your child's favourite or they have a stuffed toy of. Players form a circle. A bean bag or stuffed toy is passed from player to player while music is played. When the music stops, the player who has the bean bag is out and sits in the center. The last one out wins. Stops should be made frequently so the game moves quickly and players will not be out for a long period. Duck, Duck, Goose - Change it to Uniqua, Uniqua, PABLO! All of the children except one sit in a circle facing each other. The remaining person goes around the circle, tapping each child gently on the head and saying "duck."2. When the tapper says "goose," the child whose head was just touched jumps up and chases the tapper around the circle. 3. The tapper in turn tries to get all the way back to the goose's spot without getting tagged by the goose. If the tapper succeeds, the goose becomes the new tapper and the game continues. But if the goose catches the tapper, the tapper continues his or her walk around the circle.
Food: At the end of every episode, one of the friends invites the others over for a snack, so finger foods are a great choice when trying to decide what kind of food to serve. Throughout the party have a few bowls of snack food like Goldfish Crackers, Pretzels and Animal Crackers available for snacking. When you announce lunch time be prepared for some hungry little guests. Have Grilled Cheese Bites and French Fries for lunch. That is the Backyardigans favourite Meal! Serve the grilled cheese with the crusts cut off and slices into 3 strips. Also have lots of cut up fruit with a sweet yogurt dip for dipping. Kids love to dip. Do not forget the juice boxes! Lots of juice boxes in all flavors.
~Just remember that it doesn't need to be terribly complicated for the young children to have a good time. Most young children are just thrilled to spend time with their friends doing just about anything~

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