Candy Themed Party Plan

How about a twist on the classic sleepover? Every girl at least once in their lives must host a sleepover for their BFF's!

The Venue: With a smaller guest list you can very easily hold the event in your own home. If a sleepover is not ideal, have the party during the day with the girls wearing their favourite PJ's to the party. Do all the activities that you would do during a sleepover except the girls return home when the parties over. Call it a Pyjama Party Instead! To make the event unique and special you can rent a hotel room for the night - one with a pool area preferably! 

Set Up: First designate 3 Separate Areas - the Spa area, the Sleepover area and most certainly the Candy area! The Spa area can be decorated with candles, burning incense and soft music playing in the background - very serene and calming. The Sleepover are should be ready for dancing, pillow fights and lots of boy talk and giggling! Clear out a large enough space for your guests to lay out their sleeping bags, pillows and overnight bags. The candy area is a buffet table full of candies and sweets for the kids to enjoy! Everything thing from gummy bears and lolipops to gum balls and candy sticks! Fill the concession stand with an assortment of sodas, chips, popcorn and other tasty treats so the girls may help themselves.

Decorations: Have plenty of latex and helium balloons, hanging fans and lanterns, curling ribbon, streamers, tablecovers and tableware in your child's favourite colors. The brighter the better!  To show off your candy colours on the candy buffet, mix and match giant margarita glasses, flared bowls and trifle containers with champagne flutes, mini bowls and vases. The possibilities are endless!

Activities: Set up Beauty Stations. Have a Manicure & Polish Station where the girls can soak, file, massage their hands and then choose from an assortment of the season's hottest nail polish. Have a Facial/Mask Station where the guests can revive their skin with a beauty mud mask or even try experimenting with their own homemade mixtures made from fruits and oats. Set up a Makeup station where the girls can experiment with different shades of blush, glitter, eye shadow and lipstick.

Games: Gummy Bear Pie Contest - Put five gummies at the bottom of every pie tin (or paper plate) and cover with whip cream. Each player takes their place in front of a pie. At the start of go everyone places their hands behind their back and dives face first into their pie. The first player to retrieve and eat all five gummy bears claims victory! Taste the Rainbow - Arm everyone playing with a drinking straw and a plastic cup. Pour a big bag of skittles (or more) onto a clean table. Write each player’s name on their cup and line the cups up away from the skittles table. On the start of go all the players must rush to suck a skittle onto their straw and race it over to blow it into their cup. They can never touch the candy with their hands. Play time is three minutes, at the end of this time whoever has collected the most skittles wins. Have your camera ready to take loads of hilarious pics! End the night with a game of Twister or Candy Land followed by a classic"Chick Flick".

The Menu: What's a Sleepover with out Pizza! If your in your own home why not have the girls make their own homemade mini pizzas. Get creative with a candy cake! This cake can be covered with gumballs, sours, smarties/m&m's, rock candy, candy sticks or even kit kat bars! Use all their favourite colours and candy treats! You could also forfeit the traditional cake and go for a 'Make Your Own" sundae bar. Have chocolate, candies, syrups, fruits, marshmallows and cookies on hand to make the ultimate sundae. Don't forget to refill the concession stand!

Loot Bags: You can purchase adorable loot purses, boxes or bags from party stores like mine and
then hit your local Dollar Store for lip gloss, mini soaps, candles, nail polishes, hairbrushes and costume jewelery. Makeup bags, organza bags and small purses also work great as a loot bag - travel size soaps, toothpastes, body wash, lotions and creams fit perfectly! Don't forget the candy!
Candy themed party supplies:

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