Ladybug Garden Party

A Garden Party - the perfect theme for Spring & Summer. It would even brighten up a cold winters day in January. This theme works well with Ladybugs, Butterflies or any small Garden creature your little one is fascinated with.

The Invites: For a truly unique invitation, purchase a silk bouquet of your child's favourite flower. Separate the stems and attach with ribbon a note on fancy paper with the caption" Roses are red, Violets are blue, I'm having a party...and Inviting You!" Include your child's name, the date, time and place and any contact information. For ladybug lovers use black and red construction paper, cut out 1 red circle, 2 black circles and a bunch of small black dots. The black circles should be cut a little smaller and then the red. Glue the black head peeking out from underneath and the black "spots" to the red body. Attach antennas made out of pipe cleaner and curled. Google eyes are an adorable option as well. Use the same caption as used with the flower invitation above and glue to the back of ladybug. Another creative idea is to use a template of butterfly wings, brightly coloured paper and lots of glitter glue, you and your child will also produce a brilliant handmade invite.

Venue: The possibilities are endless - in the backyard, at a playground or park, on a picnic or at a local party center. Whichever you decide, indoors or out, the key is too have lots of multi-coloured decorations and flowers in you child's favourite colours to make the atmosphere bright and cheery. You could even go with a red and black polka dotted theme. Nothing says Ladybug like red & black polka dots!

Activities/Crafts: A very popular activity is to decorate clay pots. You can use paint glitter, sparkles, flowers, buttons, foamies and pretty much anything that can be found in a craft or dollar store. Have everyone paint their favorite creature! Rock painting is a great party activity for kids of all ages. Another fun craft for the guests is to make their own flower corsage. They are really quite simple. All you need is a fresh flower like a daisy or a carnation, some floral tape and a pin. Snip off the stem so you only have 2.5 inches of stem left, twist the tape up the stem and back down again, cut off the remaining tape, tighten and smooth the tape where needed and pin on your lapel. Perhaps you can use some wildflowers for cost savings!

Party Favors: While the girls are eating or off playing, why not fill their newly decorated pots with various items and surprise them with it at the end of the party! You can fill it with sead packets, a pair of gardening gloves, a gardening tool and a pair of sunglasses. You can also go the traditional route with a lootbag and an assortment of hair clips & jewelery, candy & gum and lip gloss & nail polish favors.

The Food: When I think of a Garden Party I think of an assortment of crust less finger sandwiches decorated with radish roses, a variety of salads like macaroni, potato and fruit served in tiny terracotta pots. Have a huge bowl of sparkling Punch kept cold cold and garnished with frozen fruit. For dessert, a cake or individual cupcakes covered with red icing and decorated with black fondant dots! Now that's a menu no guest will soon forget!

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