Super Mario Party Plan!

The Mario Brothers are a huge hit with both kids and adults of all ages! Their many popular video games have created a huge fan base - So don’t be surprised if your child wants a Mario birthday party!
Invitations:  Make invitations look like brick blocks or how about yellow cards with a white question mark on the front to look like the ? blocks in the game. On the inside write the party information and enclose a chocolate gold coin or star confetti in the invitations. If time is of the essence, which it usually is, you could you some generic invites decorated with Super Mario stickers or simply create a simple invitation on your computer and decorate with clip art. There is also the option to purchase the licensed invites, they are pretty fantastic and do set the tone for the party!
 Decorations:  Choose red, green, blue and yellow as the colours for streamers, balloons, curling ribbon and table covers. Definitely mix and match all the colours. Throw in a few licensed items like plates, napkins, centerpieces and mylar balloons to accentuate the theme. If your going all out you can purchase the Super Mario Brothers stand-up figures and the Super Mario Brothers removable wall decorations. These 2 things are a bit pricey but can be reused to decorate your child's bedroom afterwards - they will love it! Another way you can decorate the party walls is to cut out large shapes like mushrooms, gold coins and bricks out of craft paper. Google images is full of free Mario and characters clip art so all you have to do is simply blow them up to the maximum size and print them out on on a decent printer. Instant Decorations! Another cool idea is to cut out a ton of yellow stars from craft paper and hang them from the ceiling with the multi colors of curling ribbon. Watch some game play and use your imagination - you will be surprised with what you come up with!
Games:  Make a crazy obstacle course - Every Super Mario Bros. game is in someway about overcoming obstacles, so let the kids go through their very own Super Mario themed obstacle course.  This can be played in teams relay style or individually with a stop watch. My best advice when coming to teams at a party is to keep it totally random by picking out names out of a hat. Maybe have "Team Luigi" and "Team Mario"  written out on the pieces of paper. After they choose, then each kid on the Mario team will get a red hat or t-shirt, while each kid on the Luigi team will get a green hat or t-shirt. Set up mazes with large boxes (with a brick pattern) where players have to go around and through them. Tie several large paper gold coins hanging from a tree with breakaway string (or somewhere high) and place a small trampoline under them so they have to jump and grab coins. Play tunnels, egg races (yoshi), bean bag throws(fireballs), large plank boards(balancing) and kiddy pools or sprinklers (to jump over) are all great ideas to set up the course. Anything you have in your space can be turned into an obstacle! At the end of the race have Peach doll that they must rescue! The prizes could be a small trophy for the team with the best time a medal for the runner's up. Everyone's a winner, now a round of Popsicles for everyone!
Activities:  Mario Kart Competition - If your party is indoors or space is an issue, have a video game party! Host your  very own  Super Mario Kart Competition!  Borrow extra controllers so that four kids can race together at a time and make a chart to keep track of the winners. Award different points for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. Have all the 1st place drivers compete against each other for the final race, and have all the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place drivers do the same. This will make sure that everyone gets to race but in the end only one racer will be left standing. He definitely deserves a Super Mario Cup or Trophy! A really unique and crazy one, homemade of course using Styrofoam, glitter, buttons and feathers. Pretty much use any craft item you can find!
Party Food:  Mario and Luigi  are Italian, so serve pizza, pasta, bread sticks and string cheese sticks. I also think of a big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs with a serving of garlic bread. Yum! You can never go wrong with that menu for kids. For dessert you can serve some Mario Mushroom Cupcakes – Use a white cake mix to bake the cupcakes. Then cover with red (or green) frosting and top with upside down white chocolate chips for the spots. A really neat party snack or a loot bag treat are sugar cookies shaped like stars and frosted with yellow icing to look like Invincible Stars.
Party Favors:  Chocolate coins and Glow Stars no doubt! Ebay is great for finding Mario themed party favors. I did a quick search and found pencils, figures, labels, candy wrappers, tattoos etc etc. Some really fantastic favors, not to mention invites and cake decorating supplies too!  Don't forget the licensed favors and all the usual suspects like stickers, candy, gum, glow sticks, bubbles and all that fun dollar store stuff!

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Chloe Anderson said...

birthdays with a theme of a video game is definitely hot right now. why not dress up with mario and luigi costumes?

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Here are some Birth day party ideas
and here some videos

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Hey nice suggestion. I liked your idea and kids will be really enjoying so much. Good work...Keep it up..:)


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GREAT ideas here. My niece is going to have a mario party this year.