Monkeyin' Around Party Ideas

Lets go bananas with this adorable Monkeyin' Around Birthday Party theme.  This is a perfect party theme for little boys and girls of all ages - who doesn't love Monkeys? I'm sure your little Monkey will!

Invitations: You can always go with the premade monkey invitations available online or in stores - they are pretty darn cute! Or what about cutting out banana shapes or monkey head shapes from brightly coloured card stock. Another really neat idea is to purchase a whole bunch of small bananas (green ones so they do not ripen to quickly) and attach a homemade invite. Use some monkey clip art like the image on the right to add some pizazz to regular white computer paper. Use wording like "Lets go Bananas" or "Lets have some fun Monkeyin' Around" and do not forget to end with a P.S like "Here is a little Monkey treat to get you ready for the party!" Wrap your invite around the banana and tie with a beautiful ribbon. That's an invite nobody will soon forget!
 Decorations:  Turn the party room into a jungle! The best colors for a monkey birthday party are green, tan, and brown. Decorate ceilings with twisted streamers and clusters of balloons with curling ribbons in your party colors. Hang vines of greenery around the room and from any ceiling chandeliers or light fixtures. Float green helium balloons with long brown ribbons all around the room.  Decorate doorways with hanging streamers in various lengths for your little monkeys to walk through. A neat touch is to use a bunch of bananas with helium balloons tied to it as a table centerpiece. The table can also be adorned with other jungle fruits like coconuts and pineapples. Make silly signs out of poster paper and paint that says "Monkeys at Play", "Caution! Monkey Crossing" and "Enter At Your Own Risk! Monkey Business Going On". Decorate walls with cut outs of oversized bananas, coconuts, pineapples, vines, monkeys, and trees to create a jungle atmosphere.
Crafts: Upon guest arrival, have a craft area set up for making monkey ears and monkey tails. This is a great icebreaker for kids and even the parents too! Its pretty simple to whip up some monkey parts. Have all the ingredients cut, sized and ready to go. You can make the ears with craft foam glued to a head band.  Use 2 colours of craft foam - dark brown for the ears and a lighter tan shade for the inner ear. The tails can be made of brown fabric or felt strips tied around the waist with a long piece dangling behind. You can also safety pin the tail to the inside of a shirt or belt loop. Save some of the tan foam to add a little tip to the tail. Be sure you don't make the tail so long that it gets in the way when playing games.
Games: This is probably a younger age group so its best to keep the games simple. Play "Hot Banana"  - Hot Banana is simply hot potato with a banana. Play using some jungle sounds or jungle music. Another fun game is "Monkey, Monkey, where's your treat." Have the kids sitting around in a large circle with a chair in the middle. Place a banana under the chair, choose one guest to be the monkey and have him sit in the chair with eyes covered. Choose another child to steal the banana and hide it somewhere on his body while everyone else sings loudly "Monkey, Monkey, where's your treat? Somebody stole it from under your seat!" Sing it at least 3 times over. He has just 1 chances to guess who "stole" it and if he does, he gets to be the monkey again!  Have a banana Treasure Hunt - Indoors or out, hide some treat filled bananas. Using yellow construction paper, cut out several 6 inch matching banana shapes, fill with a small trinket/candy and then staple edges of 2 cutouts together. Designate a search area and send the kids out on their hunt. When each child finds a banana treat, have them sit down and open their banana for a wonderful surprize!
Menu: For a fun themed meal why not try a Monkey Sandwich!  A monkey sandwich is a peeled banana inside of a hot dog with honey and peanut butter for condiments. You could also serve Monkey Tails which are just regular hot dogs - a sure fire hit! Along side the sandwiches, prepare Banana Kabobs - bananas, watermelon and grapes on a stick. Have plenty of bowls of Monkey Chow ready for snacking. Monkey Chow is a mixture of banana chips, chocolate chips, nuts, raisins and pretzel sticks. If there are nut allergies, you can replace nuts with a dry cereal like corn pops.  To top it all off, how about chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and a candy banana for decoration. Do not forget the banana split sundae bar!

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The way the monkey image done is seems simple but it fit on the childrens want. it's like a little monkey, great idea for that. The cup cake is looks delicous and surely for kids it will, the chocolate and banna shape above is a good idea.