Indiana Jones Party Plan

Indiana Jones is back and ready to transform a whole new generation into huge adventure fans! This genre has returned with a vengeance and is here to stay! Young, Old and everyone in between will love this theme and all the super cool tips and tricks that go along with these party ideas to make your next party the most exciting ever. I would always recommend you purchase your party essentials from stores like mine for cost and time savings, but here a few really unique ideas to make your Indiana Jones party special. Invitations: Using brown grocery bags or brown butcher paper, cut out rectangular invitation sized pieces of paper. Crumple up each sheet and then dip each sheet into a bath of a strong tea solution. Lay flat to dry. Once dry, tear and burn the edges slightly to give it that an antique feel. Write all of the party details on the paper and roll up the invites to resemble a scroll. Wrap a piece of burlap around the scroll and tie with a piece of twine. Decorations: the key is to have great decorations! First we must decorate our guests so make sure to request the guests come dressed in Indiana Jones gear - Khaki's of course! When the guests arrive, you can give them their very own Indiana Jones fedora. The paper or plastic ones work perfectly. Now on to the decorating of the party space. Whether its indoors or out, all of these ideas can be easily adapted. You want to get that outdoors, aged, exotic feel as Indiana is always visiting the most remote and creepiest areas of the world. Pitch a khaki, old army tents or you can even use some canvas sheets and devise your base camp and dining tent. Place tiki torches, tiki masks or any object with an exotic Asian, African or Egyptian feel around the yard or space. Dig out your Halloween decorations and pull out all your creepy, crawly items like skulls, bones, skeletons, bug, snakes and rats. If it creeps or crawls you should definitely use it! Hang old or distressed maps and travel posters of exotic cities of the world. Use the tea staining method to make a newer map look old and contact your local travel agency for any travel posters they have and are willing to give away. Decorate the party, present and food tables with burlap fabric and cover them with rubber snakes and rats and spiders. And lastly, make sure to have the Indiana Jones theme song or Movie soundtrack playing in the background. Activities: Organize an obstacle course that ends with a treasure hunt. Break the Obstacle course into 3 stations. (1) Have the guests crawl through a spider cave to get to the mummy wrap obstacle. The spider cave can be made of 2 refrigerator boxes with their bottoms cut out and filled with tons of rubber spiders and webs. The mummy wrap is a obstacle where you must completely wrap a barbie doll from head to toe with toilet paper. You cannot advance until 100% complete. (2) Have the kids avoid being crushed by the giant boulder on their way to the Poison Dart obstacle. To complete this portion they must pass an area without being hit by the dreaded enormous boulder (exercise ball) rolling (by parent) straight at them on their way to the target. Poison Darts are Q-Tips dipped in red paint & blown through straws at a target. The Q-Tips are dipped in a little paint simply to show the target has indeed been hit and they may move on. (3) Have the players make their way through the snake pit before digging for the buried Sacred Stones. The snake pit is an obstacle of many snakes and creepy crawlies in a very small pathway that must walked, hopped and jumped through without being bit by a deadly cobra on their way to the sand pit to dig for the sacred stones. The sand pit can be a sandbox or any large container that can be filled with sand. This is the last portion is a a bit time consuming and must be completed a few days before the party. First collect some plastic gold coins, masking tape, plaster of paris or modeling clay and a black marker. Next, choose a secret location like the "Slide" or any indoor or outdoor location that would be great for hiding a treasure map. Make sure there is 1 coin for every guest and write the Letters of the word/location on those coins. So 1 coin will have an "S", one will have an "L", and so forth. Some coins will of course be blank but that's half the fun. Now we must disguise the coins by wrapping each coin in a few layers of masking tape and then dipping them several times in plaster of paris or covering with modeling clay. Allow the "stones" to dry into a hard shell. On the party day, bury the rocks in the "sand pit" for each player to sift through and find. The guests will have to chisel away the rock and unwrap the tape to find out if they have a clue to the whereabouts of the treasure map. Once all rocks have been chiseled and unwrapped, the players will be led to the secret location by figuring out what the letters spell. Once they have spelled "Slide" they must go their and find the treasure map. They find a bag that contains pieces of a map but now they must put all the pieces together to be able to decipher the final location of the treasure. The map can say, "Under the Old Tree and Marked with an X" as an example. Under the old tree you can have a box or trunk, marked with an X and filled with little burlap fabric poaches of chocolate coins or small candies. Menu: Recreate the Dinner scene from The Temple of Doom. Well, maybe not but wouldn't it be fun to create some of those gross dishes and dare the kids to try some! What about: Monkey Brains - red jello mixed with spaghetti and raisins. Bug Souffle - chocolate pudding mixed with mini marshmallows and gummy worms. Eyeball Soup - green koolaid, 7 up and large white gumballs floating around. If you can find the gumballs with the eye balls printed on them that would be perfect! Now would be a good time to let your hungry little guests what they are really having. Go with a classic menu of hot dogs, hamburgers or pizza. These are all time favourites that everyone loves and are sure to be a hit. Top it off with a chocolate cake, dark brown icing covered with crumbled dark cookies and decorated with Indi's favorite - Snakes! The rubber ones of course. Throw on some bugs and spiders to complete the look.

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