Hannah Montana Rockstar Party

Every Girl under the age of 12 adores Hannah Montana and would love to have a Hannah Montana themed Birthday Party. Why not take it a step further and have a Hannah Montana Rock Star Party! The Invitations: You can purchase ready made invites at a reasonable cost from sites like mine or you can choose to make your own. If you choose the store bought invites you can personalize them by writing on the envelope "Rock stars Only" and filling the invite with gold star confetti. Choose a shape - don't be boring and use a rectangle! Make a template of a Microphone or a Guitar shape. Write "Rock the Stage at ___'s House Party" followed by all the details on the flip side. Glitter pens are mandatory for these invites! Another super cool idea is to purchase a pack of blank Cd's. They come in packs of 12 for about $10. With your guidance, have your child design their own cover using rock and roll clip art, pictures of stars and a phrase like "One Night Only." Photocopy as many as you need with the party details on the backside and replace the generic insert with your personalized cover. Burn their 3 Favourite Hannah/Miley songs onto the blank discs - no worries, its totally legal as it is for personal use and not resale. Decorations: Hang tons of balloons and streamers in Hannah Montana colours (purple/pink) or go for for metallic colors like silver and gold with posters of Pop Stars and Rock bands all around the room. Write each of your guests name on yellow or gold stars and hang them from the ceiling. Request that your guests come dressed as their favourite musical celebrity but still provide a "dressing table" filled with everything needed to glam up - glitter, tattoos, hair colour, makeup, hairspray and stick on jewels. Create a stage area with plenty of blowup guitars and microphones available where your guests can sing, karaoke or play "Air Guitar." You know the boys will be doing this! To make a stage simply hang a few ropes in a corner of a room from one side to the other and hang sheets. Voila - A Stage! Decorate your stage area with blinking Christmas lights - as many as you can find! Crafts: Design your own concert t-shirt. Have one plain t-shirt for every guest attending the party. Using fabric paint, stamps or glue on jewels, have the kids write "Rock Star" on the front or back of t-shirt. Further decorate with fabric adornments you find in your local craft store. This can be your take home gift or a part of the loot bag. Party Games: Play "Pass the Mic" - pass a blowup microphone around in a circle with the guests seated. Play Hannah/Miley's music mixed in with some popular top 40. When the music stops, the child with the Mic in hand must sing the next line. If not, they are eliminated. If you have a creative bunch, divide the guest into 2 teams and have them make a 30 second music video. Give each team a Cd player with a few Cd's and 20 minutes to create. Then record their performances and playback their "music videos." Hilarious! What a keepsake that will be! Menu: Concert Food - Chicken Fingers and Fries served out of large plastic stadium cups. Hot dogs served in tin foil. Popcorn ad Nachos served in individual bags(brown lunch bags cut down) and plenty of sodas. Instead of cake, or as an addition to, give a rock star toast. Give all the guests a plastic champagne glass of 7-up or sparkling water. Have them all sing "Happy Birthday" and then cheer "Here's to ___" and then the tradition of clinking glasses. Then pig out on your child's favourite dessert!

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